Mobilegeddon Part 2

It’s been just over a year since Google launched the first stage of “Mobilegeddon.” This was the nickname given to the change to their ranking algorithm that favoured mobile-friendly sites. Since then any searches on phones have given higher priority to sites that actually function well on that device; sites that do not look good are lower in the results. But even more than that sites that do work on phones are marked “mobile-friendly”, making them more attractive to those searching.

In the year since that change most sites have been upgraded and changed to meet the criteria. But, given the size of the internet as a whole, even a small percentage not upgrading means that there are millions of non-compatible sites. Now the businesses who own team are about to be hit even harder.

The reason for the original change was because more searches and activity now takes place on phones and tablets than on PC’s. Google was just trying to make life easier for its customers. This is something all businesses need to do even without Googles penalties prompting them – even if you were ranking high on Google it would not do you much good to have customers be unable to interact with your site.

Following the same logic Google is now going to increase the penalties on non-compatible sites and reverse its labelling. Instead of mobile-friendly sites being the ones marked instead they will assume the default is that a site is mobile-friendly and those that are NOT mobile friendly will be labelled as such – effectively warning potential customers to keep away!

This change is due to come into effect this month.

As a Cork SEO services company we at Asterion SEO help businesses in Cork, throughout Ireland and across the world to get to the top of Google where they can be found by millions of people looking for their product or service. One of the key concerns we have therefore is obviously ensuring our clients have mobile-friendly sites. Because this is so important we have also added a free Mobile-Friendly checker to our site. This automated service links directly into Google and checks if your site is compatible. It takes a second, is free, and does not require you to give us any information. So you can be sure we’re not harvesting your email to follow up with a heavy sales call.

Check your site at

This should be the first action you take today.



from Asterion SEO Cork



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